Gary Stotler is an Executive Life Coach specializing in personal responsibility and self-discipline.

Gary provides individualized strategies to maximize strengths, overcome challenges, and discover opportunities through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and corporate/executive retreats.

How will you grow forward?


Do you want to grow your business or need to find ways to improve your processes or people? We work to increase revenue, decrease waste, and improve productivity through simple and effective strategies. Gary has the sales, leadership knowledge, and wisdom to help guide the way.


We work together to improve mindset and behavioral patterns toward improved communication, increased confidence, and proper self-care. Whether you want to grow personally or professionally, Gary has the education and experience to guide you along the way.


Gary uses his knowledge and experiences to help build a balanced life. Money, health, and success are enhanced when Joy, Happiness, and Empowerment are built in the process. There is nothing impossible to those who will take the first step forward while learning to keep moving forward!

“Give me a person I can teach consistency and

we will outlast anyone with intensity.”

Gary Stotler

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